Motion Graphics & Animation

Client: Sydewalk

Animated web commercial for start-up company in Michigan. Illustrated elements created in an isometric style. Copywriting, voiceover and soundtrack are all custom.
Welcome to Alaska
Client: Van Bortel Subaru

3D animated commercial spot created from the ground up. 2D and 3D integration and compositing done in After Effects.

Client: Constellation Wines

A series of nine animated bumpers for a national Constellation Wines presentation. Combines 2D, 3D and live action as well as fluid simulations.
Music: High Definition Intro
Client: MHD Channel

Animated 3D and live action intro for Music in High Definition channel. 3D graphics modeled and animated in Maya. Compositing and integration acheived in After Effects.
Road Closed
Client: Short Film

Animated short film created entirely in 3D. Modeling, texturing and animation all done in Maya. Render passes and title sequence done in After Effects.
Client: Air

Abstract animation using 3D elements, particle effects and live action video. 3D objects animated in Maya. Video shoot used bokeh highlights of water droplets.
NYS Exposed
Client: News 10NBC

Full package branding for political series highlighting problems in Albany. Includes animated commercials, web banners, news packages and posters.
Oil Mist Eliminator
Client: Hilliard Corporation

Product video for Oil Mist Eliminator created using 2D and 3D animation. CAD designs were rendered in Cinema4D and integrated into After Effects.
SP Professional
Client: SERF

Animated presentation and marketing for green certification company. Marketing effort included copywriting, soundtrack and voiceover.