"Our clients have benefited greatly by Video Propulsion's creative talents and production value. Their ability to creatively and effectively deliver an advertiser's message on television and radio, while staying within budget, has resulted in increased sales and awareness for our clients."

Gloria Smith
President, Media Connection

"When I work with Video Propulsion to develop a TV spot or creative campaign for a client, I get incredible results; creative thinking, high production value at a competitive price, a professional approach when meeting with clients."

Laurie Sagona
Director, Sundance Marketing, LLC

"Video Propulsion is a rarity in this business. Creative masters and nice guys. They not only hear their clients challenges correctly, they know how to concept and execute breathtaking solutions - showing partners, crews, and agencies nothing but respect along the way."

David LeVant
Copywriter, Creative Director, Marketing Strategist

"Video Propulsion delivers complete, cost-effective TV and radio commercials for our clients. From concept to creative, their real skill is their ability to identify and script the key message, devise the creative approach and execute on budget. Video Propulsion makes us and our clients look great."

Paul H. Bush, President
Persuasive Communications

"There are vendor-partners and there are esteemed colleagues. Thanks for all you've done. You're stronger than a lion's breath."

Paul Novak
Novak Media