Video & Special Effects

Client: Helendale Dermatology

Tv commercial for dermatology company. Green screen video shoot in studio and composited in After Effects. 3D graphics modeled and animated in Maya.
Patient Video
Client: Six Month Smiles

Promotional video for cosmetic braces system. Testimonials and spokesperson filmed on green screen and composited. Patient stories edited in Final Cut.
Found It
Client: Van Bortel

Full studio shoot with vehicles for Van Bortel automotive group. Dashboard sequences animated using photographs. Matchmoving and compositing done with 3D logo.
Executive MBA
Client: Simon Business School

Green screen studio shoot for the University of Rochester's Simon School. 2D and 3D environment composited in After Effects and Maya. Custom created soundtrack.
Gold Standard
Client: Immediate Care

Live action commercial spot for Western NY Immediate Care with 3D integration and compositing. Dominoes animated using physics and dynamics in Maya.
George Eastman Circle
Client: University of Rochester

Promotional video for University of Rochester's George Eastman Circle. Book images shot in live action and integrated into After Effects.

Debt Relief

National commercial spot for debt relief company Spokeswoman shot on green screen and composited in After Effects.

We Are Toyota
Client: Lebrun Toyota

Green screen composited commercial for Lebrun Toyota. 3D logo and elements created and animated in Maya. Matchmoving and integration done in After Effects.
Bottoms Up
Client: Short Film

Action film shot in a Mill in Auburn, NY. Set pieces designed from scratch. Special effects created in Blender and After Effects. Caution: Very violent...Not for kids!