Darryl Marshall

  • Darryl is a uniquely talented individual with a robust skill set in both design and development. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and MFA in Computer Graphics Design (thesis pending) from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Darryl takes advantage of every opportunity available to refine, enhance, and expand his numerous skills. 

    In addition to running Marshall Arts since 2004, Darryl began his career at Video Propulsion in 2008. Darryl has served as the Art Director at News 10 NBC since 2010 and has been the recipient of numerous awards such as the Pixie Award, the best PSA in a national MPAA contest, and several Tellys.

    Darryl always focuses on the big picture and on understanding what his clients really need.  Darryl believes in providing his clients with excellent value by giving them a turn-key product that portrays their business with pride and professionalism. 

    Darryl resides in Hilton, NY, with his wife Karla and his 3 wonderful children: Julia, Natalie, and Brendan.



A Full Service Creative Studio

What sets Marshall Arts apart is the wide variety of creative services that we provide. Our background in both development and design is a rare intersection of skill sets that allows us to address almost any need you might have. We merge technical expertise with aesthetic sensibility. This exceptional versatility saves you time and money and simply makes life easier for you. 

Our mission is to exceed expectations every chance we get. We believe that good enough just isn’t good enough. Each and every time you choose to work with us we promise to give you a polished final product that you can’t wait to share with your customers.

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